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Find the rock Chunin, free the hostages he’s captured. And capture/kill him.


The Team Arrives to see their Sensei Standing with an open scroll reading a mission. As she turns to address the Genin another ninja appears, delivering a scroll form the Hokage. It’s a mission for their sensei; the group will need to complete this quest on their own. 

Mission RecapEdit

The head off towards the bridge the mission indicates. Going down the same path they took last time they see an overturned wagon near a fork in the road. The wagon has been looted; the party notices blood and bloody drag marks headed towards the mountain pass. Agreeing to stick with the mission rather than investigate the party continues towards the bridge. Along the way they come a crossed the Shopkeepers home, A window is broken and the door stands ajar. When they enter tin investigate they hear voices and muffled whimpering, coming from behind the back door. They rush out to find four thugs, and the beaten shopkeeper tied to a tree. The group defeats the thugs and saves the shop keeper before heading towards the bridge. Here they see A man in Samurai armor talking with the rock chunin. 

The party gets off a surprise attack that is blocked by the earth chunin’s rock wall, however Zeke’s fireball from behind catches both ninja unawares. The rock ninja is severely burned, but the other ninja appears unscathed. He turns to Zeke, who notices he has the Mangekyou Sharingan , before he lifts the rock ninja off the ground. With a threat to the rock ninja he disappears in a visage of burning paper. The Genin defeat the rock ninja, but before his death he uses a dust release, killing himself in the process. Smart thinking from kira and Zeke save their lives as they use explosive tags to propel themselves away from the jutsu. They find the hostages all alive down the mountain pass and the man in Samurai armor here as well. “Take care of them,” he says pointing at the hostages, “I don’t approve of this behavior.” He then turns to leave.

This unlocks the availability for a quest series with the Sharingan user as the end boss if the team would like.