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Overseers may punish players for unwise actions taken by their characters or a player may become injured in the course of a fight, friendly or hostile, necessitating treatment of their wounds.

Not every injury earned during a mission will need to be treated in a hospital; overseers will tell you if you’ve earned a visit there. For instance, if over the course of a mission a player receives a serious stab wound to the chest, this does not automatically mean he needs to go to the hospital. If a player does something foolish, the overseer will tell her that she has received a wound of X type and will need to go to the hospital to be healed.

Long story short do not worry about going to the hospital unless an overseer tells you to. (However, do feel free to RP treating wounds received in a mission if you would like!) If you feel that an overseer has unfairly sent you to the hospital, please submit a complaint to the mods or the head overseer, Justice1022. Wound descriptions, penalties, and healing costs are listed below.

Note that any injury assigned to a character, whether earned in a mission or PvP, must be paid by the character if he/she is unable to fix that injury with his/her own CP and abilities. Friends or other characters may not help in fixing these injuries. For example, if someone loses a limb and cannot reattach it through their own healing with their CP during that fight, then they must pay the costs.

Medical Procedure Cost (ryo) Wound and Procedure Description
Minor Wound Healing 500 These wounds result in small penalties for players until they are healed in a hospital. Stat penalties range from -1 to -3. An example wound would be the loss of a finger.
Major Wound Healing 1000 These wounds result in more extensive character damage, and higher stat penalties. Penalties range from -3 to -5. An example wound would be the loss of a hand.
Limb Reattachment 1000 This is an option if an entire limb, such as an arm or leg has been severed. Players who do not have a limb that has been severed treated at hospitals will suffer a -7 to related stats. This option is only possible if players are allowed to recover their severed limb from the battle ground.
Attaching Another's Limb to Your Body 2000 This function is similar to attaching your own arm, except the limb comes from someone else. Normal medical-nin will not do this procedure, but if you can find someone who will, the limb will function as good as new. Killing of civilians will not be tolerated.
Prosthetic Replacement 2000 Almost as good as the users original limb. The players suffers no penalties in hand to hand fighting, but the limb cannot Chanel Chakra. This works as a temporary replacement for most ninja, while they work to gain a real limb again. A prosthetic arm would be far detrimental then a prosthetic leg, as ninja don't often need to Chanel Chara into their legs.
Limb Regeneration 4000 This is the actual users limb. The limb has been created with advanced medical techniques from the users cells, and then reattached to the user.
Disgraced 20,000 This status can be inflicted if an opponent is incapacitated in some manner during PvP, but not killed. If the winner of the PvP encounter chooses to inflict specific injuries, the sum total of those injuries cannot exceed this amount, either. Players can RP while Disgraced, but cannot enter combat scenarios or missions.
Partial Revival varying cost (see below) Character revived, but will lose his/her last 6 feats and all associated SP and QP. See below for more on the costs of partial revivals.
Resurrection varying cost (see below) Full revival of character with no stat, feat, or QP losses.


The following policies apply to revivals and determine their cost:

1.) If a player doesn't have the ryo to revive a character at the time of that character's death, that character is considered permanently dead. Note the use of player as this is intentional and refers to all ryo that the player has accumulated on any/all characters. If there is insufficient ryo pooled between a player's characters to revive a dead character upon that character's death, that character is dead and may not be revived at a later date after earning additional ryo.

2.) Revival costs are scaled with each subsequent revival costing 25,000 more than the previous. The first revival costs a character 50,000 ryo. Subsequent revivals will cost an additional 25,000 on top of the previous revival's cost. This means that the first revival will be 50K ryo, the second 75K, the third 100K, and the fourth 125K, etc.

3.) Partial revives result in the loss of a character's last 6 feats and all associated SP & QP. Partial revives cost as much as a lower tier revival, i.e. if a player has revived twice (50K for the first time and 75K for the second) they may obtain a full revive for 100K or a partial revive for 75K. A partial revive cannot be used on the character's first death.

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