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Tell Kunachi to think otherwise from being a missing-nin


Expanded background for the mission if any

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Katsu is walking towards the exit of the Iwagakure when he sees a familiar face. It's Bunraku. He used to see him as a kid all the time when he was travveling with his sensei around this part of the world. He goes and speaks to him, and finds out he is going on a mission to find a missing genin. Katsu decides to come along since the mission is taking Bunraku the same way he is going. They start walking and after a while they are attacked by a thug. Katsu asks him if he wants to be his friend, but he says no.  He then tries to attack Bunraku, but Katsu manages to use one of his jutsus to imobilize him. The thug drops 300 Ryo as he runs away. The money is split equally between the two. They continue to advance and catch up to the genin. He starts running, so the two ninja start following. The genin suddenly turns back and attacks them with some shuriken while acting like an emo teenager. Katsu tries to talk to him but he starts running again. Once they catch up to him, the genin attacks them with a fireball. Bunraku attacks the genin and almost kills him, but it was a clone. Katsu wents looking for the genin in the forest at full speed, while the genin sneaks and attacks Bunraku. Katsu unexpectedly appears behind the genin and imobilizes him.

MIssion complete, both ninja get 2 QP and 1000 Ryo (plus 150 from the thug)