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To recapture the temple, remove the bandit threat, and rescure the captured Genin


Recently uncovered historical documents indicated that ancient, valuable artifacts might be hidden in a secret area of a temple located to the south of the Sand Village. To investigate these claims, an an expedition of archaeologists secured the services of a squad of Sand genin for protection and set out. However, while the archaeologists were busy studying newly uncovered rooms and artifacts, the temple was attacked. The genin squad and most of the researchers were captured, but one of the researchers was able to escape and survive the desert to reach the gates of the Sand village, where he requested aid.

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That aid came in the form of Orr, Nitoshi, Tsukiko, and Rantos Tann of the Ruined Lotus Clan. The four set out across the desert, where they found the temple looking suspiciously peaceful and empty, at least from the outside. All signs of the previous scuffle between thieves and the expedition had been removed. However, with their sensory abilities, the Tann ninja were able to detect that the temple was full of enemies. Nitoshi attempted to play the part of a lost child, dehydrated and near death, but the cold-hearted thieves were not feeling inclined to show any sympathy. A fight began in the temple anteroom between the Tanns and the bandits. Due to the calculated use of a smoke bomb, sensory abilities, and the thieves lack of concern for each other's well-being, the Tanns were able to quickly neutralize the guards present.

However, the sounds of the fight drew the group's powerful leader and his two subordinates out to deal with the intruders. To clear the smoke, the subordinates combined their wind and fire jutsu to create a powerful blast injuring all ninja present in the anteroom, including their own, forcing the smoke out of the temple, and causing some damage to the temple that the archaeologists will later lament. Orr was able to wound the boss with a particle bomb, and ultimately, he and Nitoshi were able to put said boss down while Rantos and Tsukiko took care of the subordinates.

Earlier they had sensed two ninjas further in the temple run off at the sounds of attack. With all enemies in their immediate area neutralized and bound, the Sand ninjas pursued the runaways, who were waiting with a smoke bomb and a barrage of shuriken. The Tanns countered with lightning-tagged kunai, shields, and their Dust Release jutsu, quickly disabling the remaining bandits and freeing the captive genin and researchers.

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