Ruined Lotus
Lotus flower blue
Clan Leader Orr Tann
Member Limit 4
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Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Ruined Lotus specializes in battlefield strategy and tactics. Using aerial analysis and high intellectual prowess, they can create several battle plans in mere moments. They are also very skilled at tracking and eliminating missing ninja.

Clan NoteEdit

The Ruined Lotus, located in the northern portion of Sunagakure, is the former Blooming Lotus. They are known for the snow white hair and high intellect. A recent attack killed a majority of the elite ninja in the Ruined Lotus leaving many orphans. There were few survivors, and those that were spared were left severally burned and scarred from the attack.

Kekkei Genkai: Dust ReleaseEdit

Signature Jutsu: Particle Bomb & Particle Punch Edit

Particle Bomb: The user fires concentrated particle spheres onto the battle field in a very precise and accurate manner. An average bomb is quick to fire. A bomb can be charged to create a larger devistation and impact radius. Particle bombs attack on a molecular level disentigrating anything it hits. Great for devistating a large battle field or multiple targets.

Particle Punch: A variation of particle bomb that can be used at melee range for a short range attack. The user creates a small flak attack in front of a punch. The attack targets a small cone in front of the caster. (Think melee version of rasenshuriken but does not effect the user)  Particle punch attacks on a molecular level disentigrating anything it hits. Great for quick assassinations and breaching doors/walls/buildings since no rubble is created, there is little noise.

Signature Equipment: Dust Armor Edit

Ruined Lotus Clan Dust Armor - A special armor that the Lotus clan has developed over the years that allows the user to channel their Dust Style: Dust Shield into the armor, drastically reducing the chakra required to use the technique and no longer needing to channel and manafest the full shield. It is designed to withstand sandstorms and also includes goggles and air filtering mask to prevent breathing sand (or Gas).

Current MembersEdit

Orr Tann - inactive
Nitoshi Tann - inactive
Rantos Tann - inactive
Tsukiko Tann - inactive