This page is meant as a reference. Use it for ideas on what to take for your character! Original upgrades are of course welcome, and/or check your clan for any rank upgrades special to your lineage!

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Rank Upgrade List

The following rank upgrades have no pre-requisites, meaning they are stand alone RUs. Note that in many cases, the feats listed are not the only ones that may be taken under a RU, they simply represent current feats or those proposed by others that have made it onto the page.

For techniques that manipulate water chakra, such as the Water Dragon Bullet Technique or Water Wall Jutsu.

For techniques that manipulate earth chakra, such as the Earth Spear Technique.

For techniques that manipulate lightning chakra, such as the Chidori.

For techniques that manipulate fire chakra, such as Fireball Jutsu.

For techniques that manipulate wind chakra, such as the Vacuum Bullets Technique.

For techniques that require the ice release kekkai genkai.

For techniques that require the wood release kekkai genkai.

For techniques that utilize the dust release kekkai tōta.

For techniques that require the boil release kekkai genkai.

Manipulation of cloth to function offensively and defensively in combat.

For techniques that require the lava release kekkai genkai.

For techniques that harness the storm release kekkei genkai.

Manipulation of blood.

For techniques that involve the manipulation of 'pure' energy.

Gives access to taking the Rasengan and its many different varients, as well as the ability to skillfully shape chakra for various effects.

A kekkei genkai allowing for the creation of crystals.

Allows for the manipulation of sand.

Kekkei genkai combining wind and lightning natures.

Kekkei genkai allowing for the manipulation of steel.

Techniques that involve healing, and also certain related offensive techniques such as the Chakra Scalpel.

For access to poison related feats, such as a poisoned sword or the expulsion of poisonous gases. (Mechanically this is a debuff RU.)

Opens up different sealing related feats to be taken.

Allows a character to take taijutsu-related feats, such as the Eight Gates.

Required to take genjutsu feats. An excellent way to slow your enemy or impact their abillity to fight against you. (Mechanically this is a debuff RU.)

Allows the summoning of animals you have signed a summoning contract with. Visit the link for information on how to set up your summons animal(s).

Allows characters to take feats for fuzzy friends of the combat effective sort. Non-combat effective pets can be acquired in the ryo shop or via missions.

Can be taken to have a curse mark. Be sure to explain this in your character's history or come up with an interesting character development.

Allows a character to use feats to get puppets and deck the puppets out with all sorts of tricks.

For all types of weaponry and related feats. This includes kenjutsu, bo-jutsu, onojutsu, item related feats, etc. This also includes legendary weapons like special swords, staves, axes, and other ninja tools.

Allows the user to take a special armor with unique properties and excellent protection.

The combat use of ink drawings.

Seshin Hosuto are chakra beasts from the Spirit World. They are creatures of immense power and function like weaker bijuu.

Kekkei genkai that involves the manipulation and absorption of chakra.

Manipulation of gravity forces around the individual and enemies. (Mechanically this is a debuff RU.)

Allows the user to tap into the abilities of dragons of lore.

The Kaguya clan's kekkei genkai; manipulation of the user's skeleton.

Manipulation of fossils from underground to aid in combat.

Specialized techniques of the Yamanaka Clan.

Specialized techniques from the Akimichi Clan.

Allows a character to take feats to become a host for the enigmatic Kikaichū.

For techniques that manipulate shadow, such as the Shadow Imitation Technique. A trademark ability of the Nara clan of Konoha.

Techniques involving the manipulation of paper in combat.

Techniques involving crows and transformation of people and objects into them.

The magnetization of objects and manipulation of magnetic energies.

The use of high energy techniques that generate plasma.

Techniques learned by the ninja monks and passed down via training.

Sensory abilities similar to those of Karin Uzumaki.

A kekkei genkai centered around swift movements and attacks.

The ability to generate explosions.

The ability to manipulate things through mysterious means.


Gives access to Sharingan related abilities. For more information on how to set up sharingan rank upgrades and abilities, click on the link above.

Allows the user to take the byakugan and Hyuuga-clan related abilities.

A rare dojutsu that allows the user to create and manipulate a liquid metal.

Special dojutsu of the Ichiyama clan.

Misdirection and defensive techniques (mechanically a barrier RU)

Advanced Rank Ups

The following rank ups are rank restricted and/or have pre-requisites that must be met to take the rank upgrade.

High level kekkei genkai involving the manipulation of scorching hot flames. Requires fire release.

A rare kekkei genkai that is an evolution of boil release. Requires boil release.

Snake-y feats like Orochimaru's abilities. Requires snake summoning RU and a minimum of jonin level.

Ability to turn the body into liquid form. A signature of the Hozuki clan. Requires water release.

Unlocks the famous Mangekyo Sharingan and related jutsu can be taken as feats. (See Sharingan page for more information.) Requires sharingan RU + jonin level or higher.

Allows for Sage Mode. Requires summoning contract and is restricted to S-rank or higher.

Rank upgrades that convey immortality are restricted to jonin and higher.

In which the user represents an aspect of some kind. Restricted to kage level.

The ability to make human foes into puppets. Requires the puppet RU.

An advanced aspect of wood release, granting Zetsu-like abilities.

The ability to replace one's body with a puppet, attaining a form of immortality. Requires puppet RU and jonin-level or higher.

Ability to manipulate the flow of space-time and unlock powerful combination abilities like the legendary Flying Thunder God technique.

Strange dojutsu that grants some time-space abilities.

With his mastery of puppetry and poison, the puppeteer has created complex contraptions of cogs, gears, and sprockets that, when supplied with chakra, move on their own.