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Plasma Release (血漿遁, Kesshōton) is a Kekkei Tōta comprised of a mixture of lightning,wind,and fire chakra. Mixing the ratio of the chakra for each of the techniques for plasma release results in a variety of results and outcomes. Plasma release is the ability to create and manipulate plasma in a variety of ways from making plasma beams,neon lights, emitting heat ,and many other things. Its a devastating release due to its ability to melt things if enough chakra is put into a attack .So far Plasma release have only shown up in members of the Kuroji clan though there have been reports of it popping up in ninjas from multiple nations .


Basic (10 CP) Jutsu

Plasma release: Neon Flash - The user creates a bright multicolored flash of neon light to blind and disorientate the target giving the caster ample time to get away, signal a ally, or set up a surprise attack .This jutsu works much like a flash bang.

Plasma release : Neon Marker - The user leaves a mark of neon light of a target to signal to an ally where to hit or prevent a opponent from hiding if they run away. Illuminates the target for up to two rounds.(5CP Upkeep per round)

Plasma release: Plasma Cutter - The user creates and shoots out a Plasma beam from their finger tips, piercing and cauterizing whatever it goes through.

Plasma release: Plasma Swallow - A chakra flow technique where the user flows plasma through the a blade . 5CP upkeep

Intermediate (20 CP) Jutsu

Plasma release: Plasma grenade -The user compresses plasma in the palm of there hand then throws it where it explodes damaging the opponent and a 20ft area surrounding them .

Plasma release: BeamSaber - Creates a beam of plasma that the user can use similar to a sword for close combat (nintai). 15 CP upkeep .

Plasma release: Solar barrier - User creates a dome of plasma to protect themselves and anyone close to them. Can be broken by jutsu of the same tier or higher. 10 CP upkeep.

Plasma release: Solar ray - A stronger version of plasma cutter, the user creates and shoots out multiple laser beams from their hand .

Plasma release: Plasma Whip - The user creates a whip of plasma to attack the enemy (nintai). 15 CP upkeep

Plasma release: Super heating - User shoots out plasma as a cloud to heat up whatever is in their way. Burning opponents and heating things up.

Taxing (40 CP) Jutsu

Plasma release: Howling Torrent - By collecting and condensing plasma in front of them the user launch the condense plasma in front of them by shouting.