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Member Limit 10
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General InformationEdit

For information/ if you would like to join this clan, please contact Issen Inazuma / Nenshou Natsuin.

Clan InformationEdit

The Manoshin Clan have been in hiding for many years. Just 40 years ago, the clan affiliated themselves with the Village Hidden in the Rain. No one knows where they came from, nor why they decided to appear when they did. The Rain Village accepted the clan because of there unique Kekkei Genkai. They are a very secretive and prideful clan who believe there is no task they can not Complete. Majority of the clan become extremely successful Shinobi at an alarming rate. How they were able to do so is unknown and has created tension and suspicion surrounding the clan. Many believe that the clan posses some form of Kekkei Genkai, but what that Kekkei Genkai is, is unknown except by a very small few, causing the majority to be fearful of the clan. But, one day the clan simply disappeared as if they never existed. No one knows how, or why they just simply vanished, let alone if they exist anymore.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Manoshin keep there kekkei genkai a very well kept secret, rarely using it and when used, being sure to hide its use as best they can, which is usually extremely easy to do. Very few outside the clan know what the clan is capable of, and none know if the clan exists still or not.

The Manoshin Clan are experts in the use of Space-Time techniques and some after extreme amounts of training have mastered the techniques, awakening the clans Kekkei Genkai, the Jakangai eye or Late Eye. Only the most powerful members, usually only the leader of the clan have been capable of awakening this Dojutsu. It is able to bend the fabric of time to the user's will, making things never happen, remove things from time, cause things to age, and even stop time itself.

RU's Associated with the clan are

Space-Time Manipulation

and The clans Kekkei Genkai

Jakangai Eye

Current MembersEdit

Issen Inazuma (Inactive)

members- (1/10)