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Infilitrate manor and retrieve the scroll.


Rumors report that a long lost ancient jutsu that belongs to Konoha has resurfaced in Kirigakure. An eccentric billionaire by the name of Hitaki Kurin who is known to known ties to the black market is holding an auction gala in his manor, the main piece being the lost scroll. You and your team must attend the auction attemptnecessary. Once inside the manor the team will split off two members of the team will provide distraction. While one member of the team will remain hidden to find and steal the scroll. While the distraction team is causing a commotion Hitaki will sense something is amiss and send two members of his security team to investigate the perimeter. The two guards will catch the lone shinobi stealing the scroll. The team must then recothe Great Naruto bridge when they're cut off by the two security agents and Hitaki. The team must fight and defeat their opponents and return the scroll to it's proper owner.

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This mission started off with Kenshin Uchiha, Katsu Nonden, and Soren Ultimitore heading out of the Leaf village. They all seemed too get along pretty well, especially when they have someone like Kenshin too make fun of on the way to the Manor. Once they got to the Manor they couldn't get in because 2 guards were only letting in certain people, so Soren made a distraction by throwing some Sake bottles into the air with his Gravity jutsu. The guards ran too see what happened, and then the three of them snuck right in the front door. Inside the manor there was lots of chairs set up facing the front of a large room with a stage, the Owner of the manor described each item, including the scroll, which was guarded by 2 ninjas. Soren and katsu went snooping around while kenshin watched the auction. They found out that whoever won the scrolls would be killed by the 2 guards. They decided then too make the building collapse, so Katsu used his gravitation jutsu after soren ran up too tell Kenshin. The builidng collapsed and then the two guards ran away with the scroll and were chased by the three ninja. In a final showdown the three ninja killed these 2 guard ninja, but only after Soren got impaled protecting Kenshin from one of the guards last attacks. They all made it back to the leaf and were treated immediately.