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Hakumade Clan
Hakumade Clan Symbol Final.png
Clan Leader NPC
Member Limit 10
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Clan Information

The Hakumade Clan (はくまで族, Hakumade Ichizoku) is a clan from Konohagakure. Their history ambiguously dates back several generations after the Warring States Period when Hashirama Senju established Konohagakure as the first major village. The Hakumade were formed by a small number of clanless shinobi of less than 40 by a shinobi named Kazue, who gave it form and name. They later formed an allegiance with the Yorūrei Clan, presumably distant descendants of the Ōtsutsuki, although their history has since been lost to time. Eventually, the Hakumade and Yorūrei’s allegiance led to a union of the two, cultures and traditions merged, and expanded themselves throughout the shinobi world. However, nowadays their numbers are scattered into multiple branches in various villages.

Clan Abilities

The Hakumade are known for their excellent chakra control and large chakra reserves, priding themselves in their extensive knowledge and expertise of Earth Release and Lightning Release techniques. Their combat style focus utilizing the versatility of the Earth in tandem with the destructive force of Lightning to execute unique, coordinated attacks.

Kekkei Genkai: Gravitation Release

In recent generations, a small number of Hakumade shinobi managed to harmonize the negative charges of the Earth and the positive charges of Lightning together birthed a new bloodlimit: the Gravitation Release. This grants the user capabilities of manipulating the weight of an entity or control the gravity within a local area. Inherently, the release does not have damaging capabilities and often serves as crowd control in combat situations to escape, immobilize a target or prepare for a follow-up attack. The limitations of this kekkei genkai vary, being heavily dependent on the user’s Chakra Control and Levels to sustain its usage over time.

Current Members

Tatsuya Hakumade — Inactive [Shelved]

Himari Hakumade — Active