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Get the jewels


Zamikaba is greeted by a traveler.
"Hello there, young man, would you like to earn 2000 Ryo?" The traveler says.
"Hell yeah" Zamikaba answered
"Well, all you have to do is get the Light Jewels for me, in the hidden roads"
"Okay then.." Zamikaba said

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[After a few encounters against a few nins, which i'll skip, since its long] Zamikaba was walking the Hidden roads when Nikaru, a Jonin from Sunagakure walked past him. Zamikaba noticed these jewels, and overtook him, and said "Those jewels... hand it to me.."
Immediately, Nikaru went to a defensive stance. "Mud Dragon!" The dragon of Nikaru went ahead and attacked Zamikaba. Zamikaba dodged this, and used Chidori on Nikaru. Nikaru then blocks by using mud wall, then does a Body slam on Zamikaba, badly damaging Zamikaba.Zamikaba does the required hand signs, and uses Lightning Whip Technique, and whips Nikaru, which hurt his shoulder. Nikaru then used Kage-Bunshin Technique, and summoned 10 clones.
Zamikaba, Had a hard time battling them, but finished them off with his scythe. "Lightning ARMOR!" Zamikaba shouts, it is clear he is all in. He conducts lightning to his Scythe, and slashes at Nikaru, in which Nikaru Retaliates by using Mud Syphon, that hurls Zamikaba to the wall. Zamikaba is badly hurt, wheras Nikaru is not as damaged. Zamikaba with his Lightning Armor, body flickers behind Nikaru, attempting to slice him with his Scythe, but just as Nikaru is about to block, Zamikaba switches to a kick, which hits Nikaru's jaw.
Finally, a hit Zamikaba says.
Zamikaba does the required handsigns, and summons a lightning hound, which charges at Nikaru. Nikaru is stunned. Zamikaba puts Nikaru under his Genjutsu, and Nikaru collapsed, within 2 seconds, which felt like 10 days for Nikaru.
Zamikaba is badly hurt, yet he gets the Jewel's and heads back to the Village.