Gami Clan
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Clan Leader Shinkirō Gami
Member Limit 8
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General InformationEdit

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Clan InformationEdit

The Gami Clan was established shortly after Orochimaru's death, by the founder Kiisu Gami. He came across an abandoned lab full of experiments. He delved into it, collecting notes, gathering knowledge and he brought this back to Konoha. He kept the information secret from those that didn't share his beliefs, knowing that the experiments were forbidden and against the Ninja-code. He set up a secret laboratory, where the Gami Clan was founded. 

They are a group of individuals that work together, while some are related not all are. They believe in Kiisu Gami's ideals of self-perfection through modifcation. Most are attracted to Kiisu's wisdom and charm, along with the promise of power. All members keep the membership hidden, as the Gami Clans key to survival is its ability to stay swathed in the shadows and yet in the open at the same time. The clan operates medical centers scattered throughout the ninja world.

The leader, Kiisu Gami, fought with Shinkiro for control of the clan and determining the clan's future. Shinkiro won, giving him the right to lead the clan.

Not long after, Shinkiro gained leadership of Amegakure and funded the construction of a large medical institute in Amegakure. A large number of the clan was persuaded to move to Ame to support this, but many have remained in other villages.

Clan Abilities Edit

Members of the Gami Clan have a large access to medical equipment and a massive database on jutsu, history, and science. The largest of their bases is located in Ame, with other bases of operations throughout the land, with at least one in every major village.

Current MembersEdit

Jeanne Gami
Ryuu Gami
Shinkirō Gami

Akinari Gami - inactive
Ichirou Hiroki - inactive
Jiiru Gami(NPC) Katsu the Flying Blade - inactive
Kiisu Gami(NPC)
Kokatsu Gami - inactive
Masaki Gami - NPC
Momo Gami - inactive
Sasorisēji Uchiha-Gami - inactive
Zorufu Kinburi - inactive