Ultimitore Clan


Clan Leader Roran Ultimitore
Member Limit 4
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Ultimitore Clan specialize in Ice Release. They are a clan who take themselves very seriously. They consider it their duty to keep Konoha safe and protect it at all costs.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

Specific abilities to your clan, i.e. large chakra reserves, special equipment or knowledge that others generally would not have.

Kekkei Genkai: Ice ReleaseEdit

===Signature Jutsu: Ice Armor===
In the most dire situations the Ultimitore clan uses the ice armor jutsu. They are coated mid-evil styled armor which still allows them to fight without being damaged. The armor features blades along the hands, wrist, feet, and helmet allowing the user to use it as both a weapon and shield. The only way they can be harmed when this jutsu is in effect is if a powerful enough attack manages to shatter the armor. The main drawback of this jutsu is that it uses a massive amount of chakra and will melt once the user has reached their limit. If the user does not end the jutsu at their limit they will die.

Current MembersEdit

Soren Ultimitore
Hyoga Ultimitore
Roran Ultimitore (NPC)
Orcis Ultimitore (NPC)