Clan Name
Clan Leader Susorai Monigetsu
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

Also known as the "Weapon Clan of the Mist", The Monigetsu Clan is located near the Village Hidden in the Mist. Many countries got their steel and simple weapons(shurikens and kunais) from them before the attack. Susorai Monigetsu, now the leader of the clan by blood, attacked and killed most of the clan when he was 18. Rumors are he joined the Akatsuki and will be returning to the clan. Some surviving families returned to the clan village, but some are scattered across the countries, under false names.Susorai wishes to bring the Monigetsu clan under protection by the Akatsuki and rebuild it's lost honor. Now that families are slowly returning, the clan, as in industry, is producing steel and weapons again. Not many are soldiers because of their constant need for water, which drains supplies and slows down troops. They are descendents of water people, so many have gills, although they are not used. People of the Monigetsu clan try to hide the gills.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

How to Identify a memberEdit

Members of the Monigetsu clan are very hard to find. Here are a few ways you might be able to tell.

  • They drink a TON of water.
  • Many live by bodies of water(lakes,ponds,rivers)
  • Alot have brown hair and eyes.
  • Pure-Monigetsus have alot of speed.
  • They speak softly.
  • They are very respectful.
  • Some have long collars to cover gills.
  • They have many sharp teeth.

Kekkei Genkai: Water Weapon ForgeryEdit

The user can create weapons made out of water. They have to be near any source of water to use this. The bigger amount of water they use, the stronger and bigger the weapon will be. The weapon can be used once before it turns back into normal water.

Signature Jutsu: Shark Tick JustuEdit

The user is able to send out sharks made of water that will fill their bodies with chakra. If they get anywhere near the brain, the sharks will steal a jutsu and replicate it for the user to use that jutsu one time only, and if the jutsu is one of the users chakra natures. The sharks return to the user and bite them, but instead, they are feeding the user with chakra and the knowledge of the jutsu, if possible.

Current MembersEdit

Susorai Monigetsu