Making Your Character

In order to join our RP, you will need to make a character page. You can find more information on how to do so on this page. And a beginner's primer on stats and combat here.

These pages include explanations of what the stats mean for your character in combat, the difference between rank upgrades and feats, and how to determine how much chakra your attacks use.

Note that knowing everything on the wiki is not necessary for getting started. And if you need help, you can always ask the mods!

Your character should ideally be part of a village. Check the Factions page for more information on the villages, including what is currently on going in each village. However, a good number of people start as "wandering ninjas" or "traveling mercenaries". This, too, is fine, but may be more difficult.

Of important note is that in the game canon there is no "Otogakure", this place was destroyed and there is a different village in the Land of Sound that is restricted to NPCs only. Characters can, however, still be from the Land of Sound. Suna is an NPC only village for the time being. The status of other villages being open or closed to PCs is listed [here](

Look at the different clans available to be a member of here - or even make your own! If you're joining an existing clan, check for member limits and any restrictions to see if they are open and be aware of recent canon developments.

Note - Unless your character plans involve entirely original areas and/or clans, you should check with the existing game canon first. Depending on what you are looking for, this information can be found on the storyline page or on on the relevant village/clan/area's page. If in doubt, please consult with the mods to maintain consistency. While most files are updated with major developments or every few weeks, if you're in doubt as to whether something is current please check. If a canonical aspect seems underdeveloped here, let the mods know you're interested in filling it out more.

As you role play and your character develops, visit this page for simple instructions on how to improve your character by adding to your stats and gaining new abilities.

Once you have made a character, you can submit them for approval.

General Rules

One character per player, until your character hits 45 feats, then you may make and play another one. Inactives/backups can be made at any time, but they cannot be used in game until you choose to switch from an active character to an inactive character. Inactives are not NPCs and remain inactive and "off screen" so long as they are listed as inactives.

Etiquette and fair play are important in role playing! Check out Nafarias' Guide to Roleplaying Etiquette for some guidelines and rules to be aware of.

More rules are available in quick-reference format on the sidebar of the sub.

Our guidelines on earning QP should also be read - this will tell you how to earn QP, which is used to purchase feats that enable your character to learn more abilities, grow stronger, and advance through ranks. The most important thing to take from this is that you can earn a total of 12 QP a week, and 9 of that 12 can come from RP threads on the sub.

NPC rules - You can make an NPC of any level (within reason) with any abilities for your character to fight or interact with. Others can join you in fighting this character. These NPCs can provide useful information about your character's past or background and serve as a means for developing your character. You cannot make NPCs to do any of the following: protect your character, fight against other characters in lieu of your own character doing so, or serve as a tool for providing information relating to other characters or plots not of your own making. Inactive characters are not NPCs. NPCs of your own making are not autonomous and are limited to interactions with your own character.

Storyline Basics and Summary

The RP was started approximately 1.5 years before the end of the Naruto manga and is set several decades after the 4th Shinobi War. As such, many things may deviate from the manga/canon.

Some significant AU components are:

  • Inclusion of most canon clans. Provisions are made for people to be from clans that were supposedly extinct or going extinct in the manga/canon, i.e. Uchiha, Yuki, Kaguya, etc. You can find more details on this on clan pages. Where not explicitly stated otherwise, it is assumed there were survivors.
  • Canon characters from the manga/anime are no longer alive.

Post-manga pre-game events of note:

  • Naruto's peace lasted 12 years before tensions between ninja villages and daimyos broke that peace.
  • Increasing numbers of missing-nin, who were organizing criminal groups, resulted in temporary coalitions between the villages to deal with this threat.
  • Kirigakure-supported "missing-nins" led attacks against the civilians of all the major ninja villages, until they were stopped and the Mizukage was assassinated.
  • Amegakure's government was largely controlled by a shadow group called The Oni.

Events of note that happened in game in tl;dr format:

  • Amegakure was liberated from the control of a group known as 'The Oni'.
  • A group of mysterious mask wearers sprang up with apparently ill intent towards most villages.
  • The Crimson Lotus rose to power and, together with a nascent New Otogakure, conquered Konoha. Eventually, Konoha and allies were able to oust them and end the leadership of the Crimson Lotus.
  • Another village, Hoshi Suuhai, was founded in the Sound, united by an unnatural winter that spread across the land. At this time, New Otogakure was destroyed by unknown forces.
  • A Kage Summit was called to discuss threats to the major villages and promote peace. The meeting ended almost as soon as it began with the assassinations of the Mizukage and the Raikage.
  • Kumo was taken over by the assassin of the previous Raikage, a mad man with great powers and apparent ill intentions.
  • Several events connected with the new Raikage happened that destabilized several villages - the Tsuchikage was potentially compromised and replaced in a nearly bloodless coup, Kirigakure's secret seishin army rampaged and destroyed half the city, and The Oni fully seized power of Amegakure and put the city in lockdown.
  • Efforts to free Kumo from the tyranny of the new Raikage backfired when a great Oni Lord was summoned from Yomi and the village was evacuated.
  • Konoha suffered internal chaos and political tensions when the threat of a potential Crimson Lotus resurrection loomed. This was eventually resolved, overall strengthening the core of Konoha, however eventually led to the disbanding of the ANBU.
  • The Oni in Amegakure were exterminated and the village was liberated, seemingly for good, with a new leader put into place. This opened up a method for defeating the Oni Lord in Kumogakure, which followed, and the Kumo civilians and ninjas were able to return to their home.
  • Suna's Kage, and leadership, were forcibly replaced by a rival group led by the Kazekage's grandson called the Outlanders when Suna's forces were otherwise engaged with the liberation of Amegakure. The new Kazekage has revitalized the economy and is strengthening the village.
  • It came to light that the tailed beasts had re-entered the world. One jinchuriki, a strong missing-nin from Kiri, is known, and a second is suspected to exist somewhere in the Land of Sound. Their intentions are unknown, but suspected to be malevolent.
  • Following a period of relative peace, evidence arose that Hoshi Suuhai was trying to raise an army against the villages. At a Kage Summit to discuss the matter, the villages agreed to form a Coalition to remove Hoshi Suuhai.
  • While the Coalition forces went to work in the Sound, the Konoha-Ame joint army tried to attack Kiri and suffered a crushing defeat.

Currently there is war and uncertainty between the villages...

More information on the above events here!

Starting out FAQ

Q: I want fire release, but there's an ability there that I don't want anything listed on the RU page. Can I have different ones?

A: Sure! Just write up a description and CP cost and submit it. We'll review it and get back to you on what, if anything, needs to be revised. Keep in mind that it has to fit within the fire release RU, i.e. can't be a debuff or sensory ability.

Q: I want a custom RU to start with, but I want to start RPing in the meantime while I work on that. Can I?

A: You can't join in without an approved character, but you can bank one of your starting RUs while you work on the new RU. Simply write "banked" in the slot and send in your character for approval. Then you can start playing while you work on your custom RU and get that approved.

Q: How do I get started once I've made a character?

A: Easy, just make a thread or join a currently active thread.

Q: How does my character get stronger and get more jutsu?

A: By earning QP, which you can do through RP threads and missions.

Q: How do I get a mission?

A: There are instructions for how to request a mission on the sidebar of the [mission sub]( At a minimum you need to know what sort of mission you're after (keep it rank appropriate!) and when you're available. You'll also need other people, but the mission sub is a good hub for finding those other people and organizing yourselves.

Q: Can I be a descendent of a canon character or next in line for a canon position, like the leader of the Yamanakas or Naras?

You're welcome to have a distant relation to a canon character, however keep in mind that others already are related as well and consistency needs to be kept. Canon positions, i.e. clan heads, etc. are awarded on the basis of RP (i.e. completion of an arc to obtain that position) and may not be written into your character's background or otherwise "reserved" for you. Positions are open until filled and are first-come first-claimed. As a starting genin, you will have no other such titles or positions, these must be earned.

Q: How does combat work?

A: Combat generally works with one person making an attack. Their target(s) then get the opportunity to react. In spars, you're responsible for sorting out the outcome of the attack/reaction on your own. In PvP and combat, the OS will determine this for you. After this, the next person gets to make their attack, and their target(s) get a reaction. For more detailed information on the sequence of events in PVP, click here, and for information on how combat and stats in general work, click here for further reading.

Have fun!