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Fight the cloaked figure


A Skirmish at the Valley of the End: It was in the dead of night, after Ryujin’s party where the Cloaked Figure stood atop of the valley.
He was expecting for the genin to bring real reinforcements, but they didn’t not. 7 Ninja ended up showing, and after giving a speech about their foolishness for allowing the Akatsuki to join with the leaf

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6 Players fought in the very first raid encounter.
Tiburan got stabbed by Hayate
Hayate got his eye jabbed out by the Cloaked Figure
Isamu managed to hit the Cloaked Figure
The cloaked figure left, seemingly uninjured through the fight after using a technique that defeaned and blinded everyone except for himself. He left a strange orb behind, which Hayate picked up and it turned into dust shortly thereafter.